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tv   Inside Politics With Dana Bash  CNN  September 4, 2023 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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today on this special labor day edition of "inside politics." tries to earn his nickname. joe biden spends labor day in philadelphia making the case to the union rank and file he is still their man in washington and deserves another it turn in the white house. a 2024 snapshot makes clear the republican primary is donald trump's to lose, but are the four criminal indictments a sugar high, putting the former president on a course crash. a mess of their own making. reporting from cnn's capitol hill team underline the mountain congress needs to climb and climb quickly to avoid a shutdown. i'm manu raju in for dana bash. behind the headlines and "inside politics." joe biden this labor day who
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he's talking to and what it tells us about 2024. the current president's team sees shaky ground. mr. biden is in philadelphia home turf, the audience is what we would think of as reliably blue voters, union workers. but how organized the labor vote is behind the incumbent is simply not a lock. polling and just talking to workers on the assembly lines leaves doubt that they will make the choice to give the president four more years. we start here in the city of brotherly love with cnn's ar let sa -- arlette saenz. >> reporter: president biden once again touted himself as the most pro-union president as he tried to rally workers here ahead of a labor day parade. president biden really trying to lean in to the, quote, bidenomics he's been promoting, trying to make his case to american voters that the policies he has put in place are
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starting to pay off with the economy, when it comes to the unemployment rate, the number of jobs created, and other measures as well. president biden in a speech today notably took quite a few swipes at his predecessor, former president donald trump. he never named him by name, but he did try to make a contrast with him when it comes to the economy. take a listen. >> when last guy was here, you were shipping jobs to china. now we're a bringing jobs home from china. [ applause ] >> when the last guy was here, pensions were at risk. we helped save millions of pensions for you at home. when the last guy was here he looked at the world from park avenue. i look at it from scranton , pennsylvania. >> reporter: the president promoted the fact that he was able to get an infrastructure bill passed when president trump was not, and took a ding at him, saying as a real estate builder
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he never built anything. what president biden is trying to do here is trying to make his selling points when it comes to the economy, at a time when there is still a lot of anxiety amongst voters when it comes to economic issues. the president's polling is around 37% approval rating when it comes to his handling of the economy, specifically, and the president, while he enjoys a lot of support from the labor community, multiple endorsements from labor groups, he's trying to hone in on the rank and file workers and trying to make sure that he has their support. the president is making that case today here in the state of pennsylvania, a key battleground state that helped him beat donald trump back in 2020 and he would need to go into his column to win re-election in 2024. >> all right. arlette saenz from philadelphia. thank you for that. here to share their insights cnn's kayla tausche, elaina train and tia mitchell a
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correspondent for the atlanta journal constitution. interesting what we heard from president biden trying to make the contrast with donald trump. we have not heard him say a whole lot about donald trump, but, you know, we are now getting past labor day, traditionally the beginning of the campaign season. what do you make of the -- of this, perhaps, shift from the president to go more directly after donald trump? >> i think it directly reflects where the polling is right now. i mean, there's recent polling out in the last few days showing that voters overwhelmingly say that donald trump is better for the economy and he has a better vision for the future. i believe he has an eight-point spread over the current president on that front. president biden is trying to double down on his message, on his platform, on his policies, saying that, you know, this administration and what we've done is going to be good for the future. the question is whether and when the voters will buy that, especially with the backdrop he has today. for months the president has been touting that all of these unions support him, support his administration. he's been calling himself the
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most pro-union president in history, but it comes at a time when we've seen just a dramatic increase in unrest among organized labor, threatening threats of strikes in so many different industries, wages have stalled, the rate is too high, and they want their unions to answer for that. >> we're still uncertain how this -- the economy is always central to every single campaign, how biden is judged on the economy. the numbers have not been great, but his commerce secretary was out on the sunday shows yesterday trying to make the case joe biden deserves credit. >> i think the president has done a fantastic job on the economy. when i look at this jobs report, increased manufacturing jobs, increased investment, more resilient supply chains, americans are working, wages are up, i just feel that it's clear
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that bidenomics is working for the american people. >> while the challenges to the american people buy that. this is what "wall street journal" poll said about whether or not they believe that biden is doing a good job here. 37%, that's it, approve of the president's performance and the economy. 59% disapprove. look at inflation and rising costs. even as inflation subsided and things are looking more positive on the job front, 34% approve of his job performance on inflation. 48% disapprove. those are troubling numbers for the white house. >> they are. i think the thing that i find really interesting is, as much as the biden administration is trying to lean into the economy and make this a leading part of his campaign, if you talk to house republicans and people in congress they see the economy as one of their best messages and how they argue biden is mishandling it. we know the economy is something republicans, inflation, talking about gas prices, is something that they increasingly still believe is a priority for them
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in the election, and i think it's a tough bet for biden to make and we'll have to see. there's a lot of time between now and the general election and a lot can change with that, but i to think it's interesting to see how they're trying to make this argument for themselves, whereas republicans see it as one of their best arguments biden not doing a good job. >> biden -- we heard the contrast, we talked about it with trump and this is another really interesting number, the white house needs to pay attention to in this re-election bid about biden versus trump and who has a strong record of accomplishment. just 40% say biden does. 51% believe that donald trump has. even if you look just objectively on what was passed in the last congress versus what was passed in the first two years of -- under donald trump, republican controlled, less legislation was passed, passed a big tax cut bill a number of bills were passed in the last congress, whether it was infrastructure or gun violence, you name it, but still, the american people believe that donald trump did more, at least
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according to this poll. >> yes. i think the biden administration thinks they have a messaging problem which is why they're out there trying to tout his accomplishment, talking about bidenomics, dispatching members of his cabinet and other surrogates. what polls show, it's not just messaging, it's what people feel. i also think it's going to take some time, the infrastructure money, some of the inflation reduction act money, the green energy programs, are going to take time and so i think they're not going to have as much short-term benefit as they would like. >> that's always a problem. big bills, the inflation reduction act, massive bill, so much in it, going to take years to play out. we'll see how people view it in a few years. we saw this with obama care. many years for voters who didn't like it initially to say they did like it. kayla, you cover the white house and how president biden tries to talk about his pro-union bona
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fides. this has how he has been messaging this over his time in office. >> i made a commitment that i would be the most pro-union president in american history. i'm keeping that promise. >> union workers are the saviors. you're the best. not a joke. you're the best in the world. wall street didn't build america. the middle class built america, and unions built the middle class. >> laborers, electricians, cement workers, iron workers, communication workers, auto workers and so much more. >> products made in america with union labor, not labor, union labor. >> again, the numbers show the challenge ahead. just look at exit poll data over the last number of election cycles, you see a decreasing share from, you know, the high point back in the '70s to 2016 in terms of vote for the president among union households around 50% in 2016, closer to
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60% in the 2020 election, but republican number has been rising as well, so you know, the union leadership may be behind the president rank and file blue collar workers is a challenge. >> the challenge is very difficult on the ground, and i think that one of the things that the former president donald trump did fairly well with the union membership was just talking about the threats from overseas, the threats to their jobs specifically, and what he was going to do specifically to attack, for instance, china. what president biden has done has tackled more of the domestic issues, about, you know, how the economy is working, they're tweak something regulations, so that, for instance, employees can get paid more for overtime when they're working more hours in a week. that was a rule that they changed just a week ago, and they've been talking quite a bit about that in recent days. the problem is that, you know, the brass tacts for these people
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is difficult because things are more expensive. when gas prices are approaching $4 a gallon, grocery are still much more expensive than three years ago, even though inflation has tapered, that's difficult for people on a daily basis and that is carried with them when they go to the voting booth. >> look, we're outlining what the white house recognizes clearly here is their challenge explaining why he gave the speech he did here in philadelphia. i assume that will be more of the message in the weeks and months ahead. up next, stunning new poll numbers, just how wide is the republican frontrunner's lead? we'll give you all the details next. farmer's dog in, her r skin was better, she was more active. if i can invest in her healthth and be proactive, i think it's worth it. visit my brain. so i choose new neuriva ultra. unlike some others, itupports 7 brain health indicators, including mental alertness from one serving. to help keep me sharp.
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conquer 300 thank-you notes. rule over what you write with the smooth writing, longest lasting gel ink pen in america. do you g2? a poll at the end of summer 2023 does not guarantee anything in 2024. it's hard to see how donald trump is not very, very happy this morning. new numbers from "the wall street journal" cements the former president's standing at the top of the field. trump 59%. his closest competitor ron
9:17 am
desantis sits 46 points behind. now more here with our panel. elaina, you've spent a lot of time outside of the former president's house in bedminster, new jersey, talking with teams, you look at the numbers here, just to show our viewers again. trump versus desantis. back in april, the was a little bit closer, 48 to 24, trump was up. now trump is 59% to 13% just 4% are undecided. under the national poll, there's still time left, but do the rest of the candidates in the field worry that this race is -- might be over? >> i think their definitely is concern about this, especially given there was so many question marks around how the charges and indictments donald trump would face would affect him. weeks later if you're thinking about georgia, he's still very
9:18 am
much enjoying that boost from these charges and you're seeing that, and you're right, donald trump's team is happy. we've seen them blasting out these "wall street journal" poll numbers today. yes, i do think a lot of the candidates are worried about this. we had some reporting last week about the desantis campaign as well as the never back down pact boosting him vocalizing that they need to do really well in the early primary states in order to stay in the race, and we know a lot of these candidates, the other candidates who are lagging far behind, not just desantis but tim scott, nikki haley, chris christie, all are having to shift their strategy to focus on iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, make sure that they do well in them. if they don't, i think many people will argue that this is donald trump's nomination to win. >> we've been saying this a lot, this has been an unprecedented year. never seen a former president charged once, never seen a former president charged four times and does not have any impact on him and in this race, especially in the aftermath of
9:19 am
the 2020 elections. just look for this number from the poll about his actions, peddling falsehoods saying the election was stolen, he's been charged twice in a state case and federal case involving his actions after the election. trump's actions, 78% of gop primary voters believe donald trump's actions after the 2020 elections were legitimate. 78% say legitimate. just 16% say illegal. therein lies the challenge for his challengers. they are not talking about donald trump's actions because they don't think it will work politically. >> right. they're probably right. i think the bigger challenge is that some of donald trump's opponents are thinking about the general election and where the trials, the indictments could hurt him in a matchup against joe biden. but the reality is, donald trump has reshaped the republican party in his own image.
9:20 am
he has convinced republicans that a attacks on him are attacks on them, and he has convinced more than a majority of the republican party that his question of the 2020 election and his questions about the integrity of the election system, are true, they're legitimate. we know it's not, but he's convinced them otherwise. so they know if they challenge trump on these issues, it may not play well. it likely won't play well in a republican primary talking to fellow republicans. >> good question. primary versus general election. the same poll has concerning numbers if you're white house about the head-to-head matchup with biden versus trump. 46 to 46% right now a snapshot august 24th to 30th, when that poll was taken. a dead heat. there's also a troubling data point in the same poll for the white house. 73% of voters think biden is too old to seek the white house, even though 77-year-old donald trump not much younger than joe biden, 47% don't think trump is
9:21 am
too old. you talk to the white house every day, kayla, are they looking ahead to the general election matchup and worried about what they're seeing? >> the general election matchup is one of the reasons why president biden has said that he wants to run again. he still believes it's a threat to democracy persists and that he has beat donald trump once before and he's the only candidate who can do it again. the numbers where you just showed, the 46-46% dead heat, that i think is less troubling on the face of it because that's been the case for months now, regardless of who is conducting the poll, whether it's a dead heat at 43 or 41 or 46. who has a record of accomplishment and voters who responded to the "wall street journal" poll, 40% said president biden, and 51% said former president trump, that is troubling because president biden's message going into the re-election is, four more years of what we've done. if the voters aren't buying that message they need a new message.
9:22 am
>> like the job that was done already, there's a real concern. what's interesting too it's not all great for donald trump in this poll, the general election matchup shows some concerns if you're trump about the indictments. it says that 48% of primary voters are more likely to support donald trump in the republican primary, but registered voters which includes more of the general election voters, people not primary voters necessarily, 24% more likely. 37% say less likely among registered voters. 16% of the primary voters say less likely. there is a difference between the general election voters and primary voters map. >> we've already seen them in some of the ads actually for donald trump switching toward a general election strategy try to make it seem like a biden versus trump rematch to address some of this. i think from my conversations
9:23 am
with many of his aides and his attorneys, they do recognize that they're going to have a much bigger problems on his hands if he wins the nomination. i don't think they've figured out how to strategize against the indictments that he has faced with general election voters. we know that it's playing very well with republicans with his base. that's not a huge surprise because they've always been very loyal to him. general election voters for sure i think is a concern. the other thing with that, too, is it's going to be telling how the public react s to the trial. trump's team is worried what could come out and how that could sway public opinion. that's one thing they're still trying to figure out how they're going to be messaging. >> so much more that will come out through the course of the trials. we'll discuss that more in detail in the next segment. there is the concerns raised by conservatives, including the conservative "wall street journal" editorial board writing ability what they call the gop's 2024 problem.
9:24 am
if republicans nominate mr. trump they are likely to be sailing into a political high wind -- headwind difficult to overcome. they're concerned the indictments will be a major and growing problem for them. why is that not catching on with republican primary voters? >> donald trump. i think at the end of the day, republican primary voters who they listen to and trust most is president trump himself, not "the wall street journal" editorial board pages. if you ask some of the rank and file voters who are loyal to trump, "the wall street journal" is the same swampy elite that they often rail against and rebel against. but i think "the wall street journal" editorial page makes the same concerns that we've heard from others, but again, in a primary, that is not what voters are prioritizing. it's trump. >> no question about it. donald trump has certainly remade the republican primary electorate.
9:25 am
we'll see what he does in the general election if he gets the nomination. coming up on the cusp of a major ruling will mark meadows succeed getting his case moved to federal court and what does that mean for his former boss? we'll discuss next. ( ♪ ♪ ) ♪ please don't go ♪ ♪ please don't go ♪ ♪ please don't go ♪ ♪ please don't go ♪ ♪ don't goooooo! ♪ ( ♪ ♪ ) ♪ don't go away ♪ ( ♪ ♪ ) ♪ please don't go ♪ before and bath fitter. before and bath fitter. if you have a fore bath, now's the time to call bath fitter to get a beautul after. with our unique tub over t process, there's no mess or stres spend smart on a beautiful new bath done right backed by a lifetime warranty.
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against donald trump. mark meadows wants a federal judge to move his case from everyone else's and let his move forward in federal court away from the ever-running red lights of television cameras. here to share their legal insights former federal prosecute [ inaudible ] and defense attorney joey jackson. so thank you all for joining us. i want to just get your sense on this mark meadows case. he is making the case to move his case to federal court, georgia federal election -- georgia election -- subversion case. he said this in his filing. there's a role for the chief of staff to make sure those campaign goals and objectives are implemented at the federal level trying to make the case this should move to the federal level away interest georgia. how -- first of all, when is this ruling going to happen? we've been waiting for some time for it to happen. how likely is he to succeed? >> i think the timing is imminent. that's the word of the month so far. he has not indicated when it
9:31 am
might happen. he told meadows don't wait on me. show up for your arraignment. it's a mixed bag for meadows. the judge is taking it seriously. he asked the question whether the overt acts could make a difference. the judge is thinking some of the overt act mace not be within meadows' official capacity and some without. his whole argument here is everything i did was within my official capacity. even that statement we showed it's kind of questionable because the chief of staff is not meant to be liaison and working on a campaign. >> there's all this discussion, effort by the trump team, he has four teammates, wants these all moved past the election, including the federal election -- you talk to the justice department all the time, they want this done before november 2024. there was -- coming from a -- a former u.s. attorney in tampa,
9:32 am
she said in "the washington post" most people think a person can appeal anything they don't like in a case along the way and that's not how the system works. there's very little he can do at this point to slow things down via the appeal process referring to try to delay this after the election. what are you hearing from the justice department about whether this can be done, the federal election case, before -- >> that's 100% true, and it all depends on the judge. if you have a judge like the one in florida that has been very permissive, you know, they've allowed -- the judges in southern district of florida have allowed people to eat up a month of the calendar to get arraigned, right, which is just unusual, and, you know, especially with, you know, claiming that they can't get a lawyer and all this stuff, you know, so there has been some signals from some judges that they're willing to go along with some of trump and his associates' efforts to delay. the judge here in washington,
9:33 am
judge tanya chutkan has known none of that patience and you don't get to appeal every single thing. in some cases you have to ask for her permission to appeal certain things. she's very, very clear that she believes that the public interests is greater to get this thing done as soon as possible. >> joey jackson, what do you think the likelihood of these two cases, the georgia case and the federal case are, to getting this done, these completed, before the november 2024 election? >> yeah. manu, i think there's a significant likelihood of that happening. you know, of course, it's an election and that election will be proceeding as planned, but there's certainly justice on the horizon and the justice to shan's point, imminent, the word of the month, i think it is. the fact is if you look at the motions being made -- we have the meadows motion in terms of removing the georgia case to federal court, whether that's granted is an open question, certainly the judge saying if one or more of his activities
9:34 am
are what have fallen in his capacity elevate it. i think we'll see action on that and claims whether or not parties should be severed and separated should his case go, the others not, what that looks like, i think the train will move on. that means that adjudicating the georgia case, whether it be in georgia or in the federal court in georgia, both georgia, different form, and then certainly as it relate to the federal case on the horizon -- evan spoke to judge chutkan's activities -- march is fair and appropriate just before super tuesday. it's not about the election or politics, it's about when a judicial trial should move forward and whether the attorneys will be appropriately prepared. have they evaluated discovery and are they in position to fairly represent their clients. i think that's what the focus needs to and should be. >> do you agree? >> yeah, i do. switching defendants for a second. one of trump's ideas for delay
9:35 am
is there's no time to prepare. on the other hand other defendants said bring it on, hurry up, speedy trial. it's possible to be prepared, theoretically for that case, and when you think about chutkan's situation, one thing she has indicated is she really wants to press forward with things, but she does have to be careful -- and she knows this. she's a good defense attorney -- not to perjury the defendant's ability to prepare. >> so much to look out for. thank you for unpacking that for us. coming up, a whole lot of differences without a whole lot of time to resolve them. can congress avoid smashing the u.s. into a shutdown? we'll have details on that next. ♪ don't let student loan debt hold you back. refi at
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. congress is coming back to town after the summer recess with a very full plate. for starters, they have to pass spending bills to keep the government open by the end of the month and as we reported over the it weekend, it will be easy task for mccarthy. the pentagon needs nominees for top jobs confirmed and on top of that, house republicans may move forward with an impeachment inquiry into president biden. punch bowl news put it this way, welcome back. things are a mess. melanie zanona joins you now from capitol hill. speaker meaccarthy has 26 days fund the government. does he have a plan to do that? >> a key part of speaker
9:41 am
mccarthy's strategy has been trying to convince hardline conservatives to back down. held a conference call, and he argued they should save the funding fights for later in the year and said now is not the time or place to make these demands e demands about the border, department of justice and other things. kevin mccarthy will have to make a decision soon here about what to do with supplemental funding and whether and how that's going to hitch a ride on a short-term spending bill. the white house requested $40 billion for ukraine aid and disaster relief, but hardliners want to see those issues delinked because they don't want to support any more money for ukraine. that really sets up a potential shutdown with both senate democrats and senate republicans who mostly do support more money for ukraine. i think republican congressman mike simpson who serveson the appropriations panel summed it up, i tell people to buckle up.
9:42 am
it's going to be crazy for september, october, november, december. the next four months are going to be wild. hanging over all of this is the motion to vacate the speaker's chair, that would force a vote on ousting the sitting speaker, something conservatives are threatening to use if they don't get their way in funding fights. just a very complicated dynamic for kevin mccarthy and not a lot of time to figure it out. >> not a lot of time. the senate back tomorrow. the house not back until next week. then a dwindling number of legislative days to figure this out ahead. melanie zanona thank you for joining us at the lonely capitol hill at the moment. kayla, one of the things that mccarthy is going to have to decide immediately is how to deal with it tens of billions of dollars in extra funding for ukraine as well as disaster. the white house and testimonies w -- democrats want to keep this together. there are a growing number of conservatives who want to split it apart and move disaster aid
9:43 am
with the short-term spending bill, separate that from ukraine. that's a nonstarter for the white house. do you think they'll compromise on that? >> if they compromise it's not going to be until the 11th hour because they want to keep this strategy in place, at least through the next several weeks. the white house has tried to have its cake and eat it too by playing spectator in all of this saying it's up to congress to do its job while making the initial proposal for the supplemental that had those two things linked in a very strategic way. clearly they're not backing down on that. the white house just last week for the first time said that it believes that a short-term spending bill will be needed, suggesting that this supplement will be tied into it. they're not changing tack here. >> the challenge for the speaker, he has to decide work with democrats, try to get this done and anger folks on his far right and decide that has other implications associated with it if he were to do that.
9:44 am
what are the members on the far right, marjorie taylor greene, who has influence with the speaker of the house how she will vote. >> i've decided i will not vote to fund the government unless we have passed an impeachment inquiry on joe biden. i'm not going to continue to fund the biden's regime weaponized government. there should be no funding for jack smith's special council. my red line in the sand has been i will not vote to fund a war in ukraine. we have to have peace. >> you cover marjorie taylor greene for the atlanta journal st constitution, there are a sizable number of republicans in the conference who agree with her? >> right. there are other house republicans making other lines in the sand. we've heard chip roy of texas talk about not wanting to do temporary funding unless it includes something to address immigration at the southern border. andrew clyde has said he won't support a continuing resolution
9:45 am
unless there's language that would defund some of these trump prosecutions. so they may not all be saying the same thing, but if there are enough of these hardliners who want something from speaker mccarthy, then that still creates these headaches for him to build the coalition he needs to pass funding, again, with not very much time when the house republicans next week. >> look, we're talking about the implications, one of those the so-called vacate the chair, motion to vacate. one member, the deal the speaker cut in january to become speaker, to allow a single member to call for a vote ousting him for a speakership. the threat raised after the debt ceiling deal that was cut. hardliners have backed off of it but they have kept this out there in the upcoming round of spending. this is what we reported, melanie and i, over the weekend. one gop lawmaker acknowledged there have been conversations among conservative hardliners about using a motion to vacate. a procedural tool that forces a
9:46 am
floor vote for the speaker. [ inaudible ] the question is whether these folks on the right who actually move forward with this or just want that threat out there to get the speaker to agree with them. >> right. the leverage here, and i think that's a key part of that quote, the ledge that they can hold, using that, you know, threat of a motion to vacate is something that is very much going to be playing out over the next several weeks. listen, we know that a lot of republicans were very angry over how the debt ceiling fight was handled, and they've been saying for months now they want to address a lot of those concerns that they had with the spending fight, and now we're here, again, very little time a short deadline, for congress to work this out. i do think you're going to hear a lot of talk about whether they're going to have a vote to vacate the chair. it's something that mccarthy is going to have to navigate. we'll see if he can do it as well as he did with the debt ceiling. there are a lot of people here
9:47 am
who are very angry how he's been handling a lot of these key issues, thinking that he's giving in too much to democrats and the biden administration and i do think there's going to be a lot of talk of that, not just this month, depending on what they do with the short-term bill, but continuing through the end of the year. >> remember the white house cut a deal with the speaker to raise the debt limit. they agreed on federal spending levels and the top line number. the same hardliners said no way, held the house hostage a week. the speaker agreed to cut federal spending further. they got to resolve all these issues and avoid a government shutdown at the end of the month, pass a short-term bill, avoid another shutdown in the fall, all really complicated issues that we'll be watching very, very closely here. one of the things, impeachment, does kevin mccarthy have the votes to launch a impeachment effort? that's what the white house wants to know. stay with us.
9:48 am
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republicans on capitol hill are pressing ahead with their efforts to impeach biden. and now the white house is going on the offensive, enlisting two dozen lawyers and legislative liaisons to counter those efforts and paying very close attention as whether or not kevin mccarthy actually has the votes to move forward. kayla tausche's with us. you've got brand new reporting
9:53 am
about this. what are you learning? >> the white house says for the better part of a year they've been preparing in counterpunch to all the investigations and oversight and now the growing chorus of republicans who are threatening to impeach the president. but at this point i'm not sure if it's fair to say they're in a holding pattern but one thing they're watching very closely is whether kevin mccarthy actually has a vote. i mean, sources took note on friday when mccarthy did an interview with breitbart news where he said that he wasn't going to be moving forward with an impeachment inquiry based on the unilateral proclamation of one person, which at the time was seen as an apparent reference to singular members like congresswoman marjorie taylor greene who had said that they wouldn't vote for certain things unless there was an impeachment inquiry as well. the mccarthy camp for its part says no, that was a reference to former speaker nancy pelosi moving ahead with her impeachment inquiry without a vote. but regardless, the white house is saying let's see if mccarthy can cobble together the support to even move forward before we
9:54 am
show our cards, before we figure out how we're going to move forward. but there is a challenge in that thinking too, which is that the white house also didn't think that mccarthy could cobble together the votes for the skinny budget package that he did get republican support for back in the spring that led to a one-month scramble to avert the debt ceiling. these are obviously two totally different situations. >> he figured out a way to get it done. >> yeah. the underestimation could prove problematic. >> and pelosi -- they impeached president trump at the time in about a week after january 6th. they didn't have a vote on the first impeachment but about a month or so after the investigation happened. mccarthy's saying he's going to have a vote to open up an impeachment inquiry if they go that route. does he have the votes? as kayla noted. you have 18 republicans in biden districts. a number of them are just not there yet to vote for this. do you think he moves ahead? >> i think there's a huge difference between opening an inquiry and then moving forward with voting on articles as we were discussing, manu, and i
9:55 am
think that's going to be the key here. i think it's going to be to be very difficult to get a lot of these moderate members behind them but i can see them more so being supportive of an inquiry and, you know, arguing that we want more tools to investigate and using that in order to gain their support. but it will be interesting to see how this goes further because once you open an inquiry it's very hard to turn back. we already see that pressure from the former president donald trump saying move forward with impeachment, why are we talking about an inquiry? i think there's going to be a lot of pressure if they end up going forward. and that's going to be what can really put a lot of these biden district republicans in a very tough place. >> i mean, politically the white house thinks that it can backfire on the republicans. >> right. i think the white house is nervous because once you open up the box the white house is a little bit nervous because anything can come out. you know? bill clinton ended up -- it started at one place, ended up in another. i'm not saying those kind of skeletons are in president
9:56 am
biden's closet but when you go looking for stuff you can still find it. that being sailed it's still risky on the republicans' part because right now there is no there there. >> and look, that's the big question. what will they find? what will they do? thank you all for joining us and thanks for joining us on "inside politics." "cnn news central" starts after a break. wo pairs and a free, quality eye exam starting at just $79.95.5. the exexam alone is worth at least 59 bucks. i can see from your expression that you finind that shocking. and you're actuaually speechless. ...aaaaaaaaand, you don't have ears. two pairs and a free exam for just $79.95. book an exam today at it's true, though - you won't overpay for glasses if you shop at america's best. gives you access to every game. but terry doesn't have directv. come on. come on. work for dad- here... now, you can find the game easy. my barbecue is saved! access nfl sunday ticket on us, get a 00 reward card. my barbecue is ruined.
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